The impact of Stem Cell research varies greatly depending on the use. While the scientific community is quite well informed on the benefits that stem cells bring to us, most of our society is barely catching on. There have been numerous breakthroughs and scientific discoveries else where in the world as well. One of the leading countries in Stem Cell research is Israel. And, for other countries, there has not been a better time for the development of research than during the Bush administration, where federal funding towards Stem Cell research was banned.

During this time of limited stem cell resources in the United States, there were people who needed the help of stem cells. One such case is that of Christopher reeve, a once prominent actor, who due to a horse riding accident, was left paralyzed. Realizing his few options here in the US, he decided to go to Israel to under go a stem cell trial, which ultimately worked. Reeve left Israel with better health as well as a better understanding of Stem Cells and that lead to his decision to try and inform people of the science behind Stem Cell usage.

Most of what we know on Stem Cells is quite limited but as President Barack Obama explains here:  the science behind Stem cell research is extraordinary and could one day change everyone lives around us. That is why as of March 9, 2009, under an Executive order by President Barack Obama, the ban, which lasted 8 years, was disbanded.



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