Stem Cell research, one of the cornerstones of all biotechnology related research, in which we not only can better our future, but discover certain aspects about the human body never before thought of.

 Embryonic Stem Cell being extracted.


 Stem Cells in basic terms are blank cells with the capability of being to replicate nearly any kind of other cell. These cells are most potent during early life and growth. These stem cells may have the capability to cure many diseases and conditions such as baldness, deafness, missing teeth, wound healing, and diabetes. “Stem cells are capable of dividing and renewing themselves for long periods. Unlike muscle cells, blood cells, or nerve cells—which do not normally replicate themselves,” ( Throughout all of the years of research one of the main conflicts is in figuring out how the blank stem cells become cells with some genetic code. Lately stem cells have been frequently used to test new drugs. Testing new drugs on stem cells is a safe way to test for the potency of a drug with certain diseases like cancer.
    Although there are many advantages and advancements in field of medicine and biotechnology when it comes to Stem Cells, there always is a downside. Since the most potent of stem cells comes from unborn fetuses, the scientific community is always under attack from the federal government over the use of aborted fetuses. Plenty of ethical issues are at hand when dealing with Fetal Stem Cells, so much so that the Ethics Advisory Board was established in 1975. Over the years there has been a fluctuation of supporter when it comes to the topic regarding Fetal Stem Cell research, only since the late 80’s to the present has this change been more obvious. During the Clinton
administration, President Clinton often changes his policies regarding stem cell research. George W. Bush, since his inauguration, opposed stem cell research and has banned it completely. It has only been until recently that our new President Obama has decided to lower restrictions on stem cell research and allow for some research to be done.


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